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Helpful Hints for Finding a Lawyer

Helpful Hints for Working with a Lawyer

If you have a legal problem and are in need of an attorney in Boulder County you may search in the specialty area of law to find someone who can assist you. If you are searching for legal information you may want to refer to the Legal Resources section of this web site. This can provide you information about resources such as government agencies, community resources, low-income legal services, consumer protection and other services. If you have decided to hire an attorney here are some helpful hints for working with an attorney.

Ask about cost. If your problem requires more work than the initial consultation, remember to ask for the lawyer's fees in writing. When you call, be certain to ask about the cost of the initial consultation.

Remember your rights. You do not have to hire the lawyer after the initial consultation; feel free to find a lawyer with whom you are comfortable. You should always ask for a written fee agreement to sign before hiring a lawyer. You have hired a lawyer when you agree to allow them to do more legal work for you.

Be prepared. When you call the lawyer for the appointment, ask what papers you should bring to the first consultation. Be prepared to give the lawyer all background information. You may also want to prepare a list of questions to ask the lawyer.

Be efficient. If you do hire an attorney, don't make unnecessary phone calls. Most lawyers charge for the time spent on the phone with a client. Keep a running list of questions; cover them in one phone call or ask them at your next scheduled appointment.

Keep records. File any material you receive from your lawyer in one place. Your file is often the best way to answer your questions about your case.

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