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Law & Justice Channel 8

The Law & Justice programs have been created for the public.  The programs help you to learn “what happens if and when” you are involved in a common legal situation. By watching the program you can become better educated about these legal issue.  You will enhance your ability to address your legal needs and to decide whether you need to hire a lawyer to assist you.  Each program has three segments that delve into the details of the legal issues.  Panels of four knowledgeable professionals carry on conversations addressing questions that you might be likely to encounter when faced with a specific legal problem. The panel members are judges, lawyers, and experts in their particular fields.  The Law & Justice Program is produced by the Boulder County Bar Association and Channel 8.

 Currently, there are 8 programs that have been produced:

  • DUI – Learn about drunken driving enforcement and the consequences of a conviction for drunken driving
  • Family Law and Divorce – Financial realities and impacts of divorce on your family and life are explained
  • Real Estate – understand the process of buying and selling a home or property.
  • Death and Dying – Learn about estate planning, probate and other “end of life” issues
  • Municipal Court – Traffic infractions, dog complaints, noisy parties: What Happens When I Go to Court in Boulder?
  • Immigration – This hot topic of national importance is examined from state and federal perspectives about residency and citizenship.
  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Issues –  What are the protections and consequences of filing for bankruptcy?  Important, current information.
  • How to Hire a Lawyer and What to Expect When You Do – Just like the name implies:  How do I find the right lawyer and what business relationship results?

 To view these programs please see the link below


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