The Boulder County Bar Association offers career development opportunities with many events to network and learn. The advantage of bar membership, however, is the unique ability to make a difference in the legal profession and the community. Through community service, section and committee initiatives and bench bar interactions, the members of the bar not only develop their skills and careers, but also serve as advocates for change reaching far beyond the doors of our law offices.


The mission of the Boulder County Bar Association is to serve its members and enhance the administration of justice. To meet the objectives, the association provides education and collegial opportunities to its members, seeks to engender respect for legal principles and the roles of lawyers and judges, develops and support community outreach efforts, invites participation of unaffiliated professionals, and gauges the manner in which its projects have affected its members, the profession, and the public as a whole. The strategic plan for the Bar is set by the Board of Directors and includes the following focus areas: professionalism and civility, new/young lawyers, legal services to the poor, bench bar relations, public education and public image, quality of life, media relations, technology and the courts and geographical issues.




Members receive discounted advertising rates for Classified Ads and in the monthly newsletter.


Member Rates

$25 up to 30 words

$35 up to 40 words

$45 up to 70 words

$55 up to 100 words


Each Lawyer Announcement is $50 and copy should be emailed to by the 10th of the month prior to publication.



Add $10 to member rates


All deadlines are the 10th of the month or the next business day if on a weekend. Please email the ad to Payments are due with ad - we do not bill. You can send us a fax and mail a check to us.



Legal Directory


All members receive a free "Membership Directory" which lists Boulder County Bar members. Court information and Boulder County law firms are also listed. Those lawyers who are listed in the Find A Lawyer section of the website are also listed in the Specialty Area of Practice in the Annual Membership Directory.


Raising the Bar Mentor/Mentee Program


Raising the Bar Mentor/Mentee Program has been created to assist our many new/young lawyers in the county who, because of the economic changes, have found themselves opening their own practice, changing their area of practice or have become unemployed and are looking to stay involved and learn about career opportunities. This is a nine-month mentoring program with monthly CLE programs designed to provide guidance, professionalism insights, law practice management, marketing and client relationships.

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