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Professionalism Committee

The Boulder County Bar Association has helped promote the fair and efficient resolution of disputes in Boulder County by sponsoring the Professionalism Committee for over twenty years.  Through informal discussion, mediation, or referrals through the Bar to experienced mentors, the fifteen member committee attempts to resolve professionalism complaints received from members of the public, attorneys and judges that relate to attorneys practicing in Boulder County. 


The Committee adopted the Boulder County Bar Association Principles of Professionalism, which sets forth fundamental concepts regarding the conduct of attorneys and judges between themselves and towards staff, parties, clients and other members of the public.   To view, please see link below.


Thirteen local attorneys and two 20th Judicial District judges are appointed to the Professionalism Committee by the Boulder Bar Association Board of Directors.  One of the attorneys is on call each week to respond to calls, and the Boulder Bar refers complainants to the on-call attorney.  The judges on the committee do not take calls nor mediate disputes.  The on-call schedule is available through the Boulder Bar office and is updated in the monthly Bar newsletter.


The Professionalism Committee does not handle calls related to matters that are under the jurisdiction of the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Regulation or Judicial Discipline Commission.  Some attorney fee disputes are referred to the Colorado Bar Association Legal Fee Arbitration Committee.



BCBA Professionalism Committee

2013 - 2014: On-Call by week beginning: 


Dec 16 - Tom Rodriguez - 303.604.6030

Dec 23 - Karl Kumli - 303.447.1375

Dec 30 - Tripp DeMuth - 303.447.7775

Jan 6 - Todd Stahly - 303.797.2900

Jan 13 - Tony Dworak - 303.776.9900

Jan 20 - Steve Meyrich - 303.440.8238

Jan 27 - Helen Stone - 303.442.0802

Feb 3 - Curt Rautenstraus - 303.666.8576

Feb 10 - Lee Strickler - 303.443.6690

Feb 17 - Mark Langston - 303.440.9684

Feb 24 - Meghan Pound - 303.443.8010

Mar 3 - Tom Rodriguez - 303.604.6030

Mar 10 - Karl Kumli - 303.447.1375

Mar 17 - Tripp DeMuth - 303.447.7775

Mar 24 - Todd Stahly - 303.797.2900

Mar 31 - Tony Dworak - 303.776.9900



 If you would like to file a complaint against an attorney or magistrate, please contact:

Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel

303.866.6400/toll free 1.877.888.1370


 To file a complaint about a judge, please contact:

Judicial Discipline Commission



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