About the Boulder County Bar Association


The Boulder County Bar Association (BCBA) exists to help local law professionals advance their career and ensure the vitality of the greater legal community. We serve the full spectrum of legal professionals whether you are just starting out, mid-career or nearing retirement. We deliver the services you care about most, from a rich line-up of CLE courses and networking events to help you build a reliable referral network, to providing the most pertinent legal business intelligence and meaningful opportunities to give back to the community. We are committed to elevating the legal profession in Boulder County and driving success through support, resources and innovative thinking.

The Boulder County Bar Association has been proudly serving the Colorado legal community since 1907. More than a century later, we’re 1,600 members strong and growing. Our membership is made up of attorneys and legal professionals of all experience levels. Whether you're just getting started or are a legal veteran, we offer something for everyone. We’ve built our portfolio of programs to support our members through every stage of your career.

We help young professionals kick-start their practice through valuable peer-to-peer connections, knowledge sharing, access to a network of seasoned mentors, free resources, shared office assets, networking events and more. We help break down barriers facing many new attorneys and open doors to set you up for a successful career.

For more seasoned members, we facilitate continuing legal education around new and emerging areas of law as well as other areas of member interest. We continually seek input so you have an active role in shaping the BCBA and are able to get the most out of your membership. We recognize the strong desire of established attorneys to have a positive impact on the community. We help satisfy this passion by organizing volunteer and philanthropic activities throughout the year, enabling our members to give back when and where they can.

Our most senior members are an invaluable source of wisdom, expertise and inspiration. We celebrate and honor these individuals and ensure they have opportunities to stay engaged beyond retirement. We look to them to help guide the legal community into the future and shape the next generation of attorneys through our mentorship programs.

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3269 28th Street

Boulder, CO 80301

(303) 440.4758

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