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President's Page by Jeff Rose

It has been a tremendous honor to serve as President of the Boulder County Bar Association for the past year. The bar has been through a great number of changes during my time on the Board. I’m proud of how our Association has responded to the challenges we’ve faced, and I’m excited for where our organization is headed.

When I joined the Bar board in 2016, we were led by our long-time Executive Director, Christine Hylbert. We had a small office and conference room on Pearl Street, and discussions about online programming were in their infancy. Christine retired in 2017, and the Board appointed Laura Ruth as her successor. Like many of our members, we moved from our Pearl Street office to a more adaptable, larger location away at 28th and Iris, complete with coworking space and conference rooms available to our membership. Just as we were getting comfortable in the new space, COVID-19 hit, forcing our offices closed and interactions distanced.

I’m beyond impressed by what our executive team (Laura Ruth and Kyle Mares) did to keep our organization present and relevant during these challenges. When COVID restrictions hit in March, 2020, Laura and Kyle hosted daily, online, COVID-specific CLE’s. The online presentations were excellent, with great speakers, seamless streaming online, and some of the best attendance we’ve ever seen. In the 15 months that followed, all of our programming shifted online, from our routine board meetings to our widely attended Justice For All Ball. Now that we’re coming back to in-person events, we’re transitioning yet again to hybrid programming that will be available in-person, live online, and on-demand afterwards.

We’re now set to make the most of our physical space alongside the convenience online programming. I couldn’t be more impressed with Laura and Kyle’s vision, skill, flexibility, and execution. We’re lucky to have them.

As well as we’ve done in delivering our core programming during the pandemic, I see great institutional changes for our profession going forward. Our profession will continue to be confronted with the realities of systematic racism, inequality under the law, and gun violence. It’s naive to think any one of us, or even our membership as a whole, can put a dent in these challenges. I can only hope that we can continue to try to move the needle, even if just a little, to instill change for the better.

Thank you to Laura and Kyle, President Elect Brett Landis, Secretary-Treasurer Carrie Frank, and the many exceptional board members with whom I’ve served. Thank you to you, our membership, for the honor of serving as the BCBA President. I look forward to seeing you all – in person – next time we’re together at the Bar.

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