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President's Page by Carrie Frank

I know the New Year starts on January first. But every year, since I was a kid, it always felt like the “new year” began in September. School started (growing up in New York, school always began after Labor Day), the new TV series were lined up, the weather was changing, and the “lazy days” of summer were making way for the excitement and hustle and bustle of holidays to come; yes, even the official New Year. September was a time to begin again and get back in the swing of things.

The same seems to hold true for the Boulder County Bar Association. The summer is quiet; at least it might look that way from the outside. On the inside of the BCBA, we have been preparing for and working on the new year to come. Our new board members joined on July 1, we had our annual meeting at the Boulder Reservoir, the board planning retreat, and we figured out the calendar for the year. We have been updating the BCBA By-Laws to get the whole membership involved in voting so that the process is more inclusive, and we revised the CLE payment schedule so that the programs through the BCBA will now be free for members. We are finalizing the details for the first ever, and hopefully annual, chili cook-off with food prepared by the board members themselves; and while I was hoping for square dancing, I was strongly outvoted. And, we have been organizing our committees, seminars/CLE programs, and other activities to find something for everyone throughout the year. I believe we have an exciting line-up coming but we still need and want your help.

Many events put on by the BCBA are organized by its sections so that programs are chosen to be of interest to the members. We still have a few sections that need chairs. Section chairs are a great way to get involved, or stay involved, in the BCBA. It is a wonderful way to meet people in your practice area, to expand your community, and to get your name out. We are looking for chairs for Employment, Diversity and Inclusion, Natural Resources, and Real Estate sections so if that is your area, please let us know.

If you need your coffee and food fix in the morning, the BCBA also hosts Bagels with the Bar on Wednesday from 8:30am to 10:00am. While it was more casual during the summer months, September will return to each ofthe sections being highlighted. Please check the calendar and website for which section will be featured for this fun morning event, skip the donuts at home,and come join us for breakfast. We cannot let those Moe’s Bagels go to waste.

The BCBA also has a slate of events which are educational, fun, or both depending on your participation! Coming up next week is a Louisville Happy Hour at Murphy's Tap House on September 8. So those members in Longmont do not feel left out, we have planned a Longmont Happy Hour on September 22 at Bootstrap Brewing. The Paralegal section will host a lunch and learn on September 28 and there will be an Alternative Dispute Resolution seminar in the line-up for September (date TBD), followed by a Family Law program in October. Watch for the listing of other multi-hour and one-hour virtual CLE programs in the newsletter and website. There is always a need for the last minute CLE credits in the last quarter of the year and the BCBA is here to help make sure we all stay in compliance. Finally, the BCBA is working with There With Care on a food drive and we will provide the details as soon as they are finalized.

So, let’s dust off the “lazy days of summer” and get back in the swing of things. Together.

I look forward to seeing old friends and new faces. 

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