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This weekend I was talking with a close friend about plans for the holiday. With young kids, in-school teachers, and elderly grandparents, the best option they had for getting together for Thanksgiving was outside, at a park, eating finger-food appropriately dispersed on a large plate. Really? This is where we are? There was always something lurking behind the curtains in Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want,” but this is getting absurd.

Despite the massive disruption in our home lives, we’re lucky; the legal profession presses on. I’m now used to single-serve coffee, plastic shields surrounding every work station, and recognizing people by their mask. The back-log of trial settings is troubling, but it feels workable. Clients are frustrated by the delays, but these delays often are small in light what else they’re experiencing. Before, you always knew a trial could get bumped a week before it started for a higher-priority or earlier-filed case. Now, it’s just the added layer of wondering whether it’s safe to empanel a jury and how to send everyone through the same security line.

As Denver boards up to prepare for election night, I am reminded that, despite everything that’s going on, things are OK. I’m trying to embrace today’s challenges for the opportunity they bring, whether it’s upgrading my trial presentation software or adapting to accommodate a higher number of trial settings this spring. I’m grateful to be part of a profession that has no choice but to grow, adapt, and continue.

No matter what happens this fall, virus, politics, or otherwise, we wish you, your practice, your clients, and your families a happy and healthy holiday season. Besides – Norman Rockwell’s turkey probably was dry.

If you like what we’ve been doing at the Bar, if you hate what we’ve been doing, or if you have suggestions on how we can do better, please drop me a line at jrose@lyonsgaddis.com.

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